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  • Don't qualify for energy efficiency funding?

    Don't worry now you can still save money on your heating bills with a reduced rate loft insulation service

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  • Loft hatch to small?

    No worries we can replace, enlarge or move any loft hatch using a energy efficient building regulations draft seal and insulated plastic hatch or purpose build large opening wide tread ladder and hatch

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  • Lost the use of your loft for storage?

    Get your storage back. We have a specialist raised loft floor system that we can install so no need to squash or remove the insulation

Loft Insulation

Why it's important to insulate your loft

Most people know it is important to insulate your loft, because if you don't, 25% of your heating bills go out through your roof.
The Government recommends that everyone insulates to a depth of 270mm if they use rolls of mineral wool insulation (this is the fluffy stuff you see in most DIY stores, and is the most cost-effective solution). It's cheap and relatively simple to do this, it will pay for itself rapidly, and it will help you to feel warmer in the winter and cooler at night in the summer.
Millions of people in the UK haven't yet insulated their lofts to 270mm, and the two main reasons for this are the need for storage and safe access. `

What will it cost if I can't get a grant or government deal?
Its not expensive to insulate your loft and the money you can save over the next few years will more than pay for it, invest now start saving on your energy bills in the future.
Prices start from as little as £277 for a small two bed terraced house 100mm top up of glass mineral wool with a 2.25m²K/W Rvalue and 0.044W/m²K Uvalue using 80% of recycled materials
A complete 300mm loft insulation 100mm with 200mm across from empty starts from around £599

All prices include materials, fitting and only 5% VAT (Reduced rate for energy saving products)

I want to insulate my loft, but what can I do with all my stuff up there?
Click here to find out how you can still use your loft for storage

Expert Advise Always

We are here to advise you on how to make your loft more energy efficient which will save you lots of money each year on your energy bills.
Our advice is free and we do not employ sales people only experienced staff who have the knowledge and skills to advise and quote you to insulate your loft to the latest government recommends levels of insulation and draft proofing.

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